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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poker Action and a lil Roadhead

Hi Ladies and Gents

I'm married so you will have to settle for a poker post. Sorry for the teaser. Finally watched Borat this week. good stuff, The nude men wrestling scene followed up 3 days later by Borat running into his buddy and saying "you bastard, my mustache still smells like your testes" was comic genius. I lol'ed.

Are you like me and get tired of many blogs starting out "Sorry I haven't posted in so long" I 1) have nothing to report 2) have lost so much money playing the pokers I can't write about it cause I don't wanna cry.....again. 3) I'm a world traveler and I rarely can find a PC 4) my doggie peed on me laptop, etc. etc.

I don't think I have ever said sorry for lack of posting. I'm not. No one seems disappointed if I post at all so the feeling is mutual. ha!

I gave up on my new career in mortgage sales 3 weeks ago. I was at a good firm and was doing okay, but I realized I was going to make very little monies for the first 4-6 months. I was told that by several people, but of course, said I would be the exception. Apparently i'm not that exceptional since i'm back in the car biz. With the internet poker business currently floundering I need to work full time now to pay the mortgage and keep the warden from killing me whilst I sleep.

Oh well, its what I know and it pays the bills. I'm the Internet Sales Mgr for a small Caddy/GMC dealer for the last 3 weeks. Nice dealership and friendly staff. Call me if you need a nice used vehicle (we have 3 lots) or a new Cadillac or GMC. I can offer my friends/readers, clergy, parole officer and retarded neighbor boy special internet deals. Shipping to other states is not that expensive and sometimes I can pay shipping or I will meet you in Vegas for the noon tourney at Caesars and you can take delivery there. Email me at if you have car questions or need help on a purchase or would like a list of my inventory. 17 years in iron sales here so I can help with anything car related.

Okay, I got 2 margaritas down me so I better get to the poker. After settling in at the new jobke I finally got back to a little poker about a week ago. Full Tilt has apparently located a fresh new batch of donkelicious NL100 and NL 200 playas. Yes baybeee. I started the week datamining with Pokertracker at both levels and 3 hours later I take a gander at my new friends stats. Holy Shit. NL200 is full of 55% see, 5% pre raise, no stealin, 1.4 aggress factor MIN bettin, MIN raisin, pussies. NL100 has many more grinders with great stats but still plenty of non-skilled monkees.

Now that i'm earning an honest living selling cars my BR will not be going towards bills (thats what I told lil raisin anyhoo). This is good. I started with $220 a week ago and we are now sitting on $1240, 7 days later. A good start since I have only played 3455 hands in 5 sessions. Last night was my best night of the week. Made $360 in only 342 hands playing mostly NL200. I great nite especially after making a horrible push early in the session.

One of my tables is 6 max nl200 blinds 1/2 and this hand arrives. I'm in MP with 87clubs, a very aggressive table with 3 bad players that will raise everything and call anything. VN. Its raised pre, I just call the 10 bucks and BB calls. Floppage came 10 8 8, early position bets 30, I bought in short for 100 and decide to push my last 80 (oops) BB does a long drama pause and pushes 150 and then early position insta-pushes (easily worst player on the site, "Aesop Fable" if ya wanna buddy list him). BB is a concern and when they flipped them up I was a distant second to 10 10. yikers. Aesop is in third place with KK but has 1 more out than yer ole buddee sharkee. I need the case-eight-ball and Mister "I don't have a fuckin' clue" needs a 2 outer and BB flopped boat is countin the 280 pot until the sweeeet K comes on the turn.

Not really a horrible result since this guy ain't goin home with any monies. He disperses it in short order and all is well at our table. Horrible push by me although it mighta all got in anyhoo. Good time to have a small stack. Heres what I like about this hand. I played it shitty, it was early in the session and it didnt bother me. I know I can kill this limit so I buckled down and played harder. I made several vn bluffs, caught a few cards and quickly was back up and rollin.

My stats this week. +1020 plus rakeback (about $80) see % 22.75, pre raise % 12.88 (trying to get to 15-16) att to steal 26% (want 30-32) and i'm very happy with my aggression. flop 3.43 turn 3.96 riv 3.00 total 3.52. Solid there I think. BB/100 hands profit 9.75.

I'll try to get more hands in this week and will play NL200 only when the BR gets to 2000. Thats only 10 buyins but I really think the play is weaker although it is more aggressive. I like playing aggro players, especially when I have a ton of stats on them, which I usually do.

A couple of keys to this game:

Stay outa dicey situations. If a good player (or a player with weak/passive aggression stats) represents a monster don't fall in love with top pr top kick or even 2 pr. Especially when you are multi-tablin. You will have better spots very soon. If you think its a coin flip or you are behind fold. Stats can identify clueless players. I like top pr against them usually. You often will have them outkicked.

Value bet the riv like a mofo. I missed a few last night but made some great riv bets also.

If you are playing poker for money online and don't have pokertracker you are nuts. Check out our forum for more on this great software.

Print out all your starting hands in PT. KJo, A10o, A9 have been getting me in trouble lately so I have been mucking them outa position. I'm gonna either play them strong in position or dump'em.

I don't like to risk even a smallish stack allin with AKo or AKs (in most cases, uber shorties are often the exception). Its usually a flip against a good pair. Pass. Sure some tilt monkeys will have AJ or AQ but i'll get their cashish later without flippin coins.

Play as many tables as you can. Work on adding tables. I don't know how many times a 1 table heater has made up for the other 4 tables that are struggling. Last night 280 of my 360 profit was on 1 table.

Table Selection! If you don't know what to look for post in our forum. We have a PT thread already started. There are great players at these lower limits. Many are paying bills with the winnings so are not able to move up (this sounds eerily familiar). There are many more mediocre or horrible players. Sit with them. If new players come to your table make a decision to stay or go based on who sits. Don't fall in love with a chair. A tough player to your left really sucks. Sure, its fun to challenge him and maybe you can beat him/her. Don't do it. It's about building your roll. Get donkey boy to your left, right and center. Soon you will have their lunch monies.

Thanks for reading! Kick assholios at the tables this week........



At 10:44 PM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

Hi Steve.

Great to see you blogging again... Wow, that 10-8 first hand was a real cooler but glad to see you winning and moving up to the 1-2 level. Tell "the boss" (RazinHavok) I said hi and may you continue your good skillz at the e-felt!!


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