Poker Road Warrior: Quick Update w/Poker Action
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Update w/Poker Action

The password for our Shark Home Game at Absolute Poker this Thursday, (11/1 @ 9pm EST) is

razydazy $100 added and 3 launch bonuses below

Money added> 5 buck buyins>> every Thursday at>>> AP!

This Thursday only:

$10 knockout bonuses slapped on _SHARKY_ (uhh me), Bad Bob playing as bc234823 or tough NL guru and tour comedian "cardluvr" (Norman!)

2 Freerolls loaded for November. Come and get it donkeys. My veterans will be ready to re-pop your weak MIN raises and bet the riv with AIR so you can quickly fold gettin 7 to 1. Come and get yer medicine, newbs. Link to AP


My research is looking good on the players that call Absolute Poker home at the NL200 and NL400 levels. I'm still mining, but the games look unreal so time to jump in and start grindin sum serious hands out. I'll make a goal to knock out 3000 hands on my day off this week (Wed.). I feel a large day coming up after my first rough day in a while. The goal is +$800 (including bonus and rake) and imma gonna git her dun. Grind report will follow.

Target stats for this session are 22-24 VPIP, 16% prerayz, 3.8 aggress factor, 35% att to steal and 23% went to showdown. I'm also going to really work hard to continuation bet based on my opponents stats not just fire at every pot like my big fat ass likes to do when i'm playin 4-6 tables. Who folds to continuation bets? Who plays back? Typically bad players cold call C-bets, but so do do tricky taggs (tight aggressive playas). Weed thru yer info and make a good decision.

Made a lil cheese this mornin before work, as I write im up about $75 , 2 tablin NL400. The tables both were so soft I decided to not feed the mutt, let the cats out to pee, didnt tie my shoes or shave or put on a belt or brush my toof so I could play a few extra hands. After battling the extremely tuff Full Tilt 8 tablin pros for the last few months i'm jacked up about the weak stats and horrible play I see so far. So hygiene and proper dress are not priorities right now. The LAB can poop in the hallway and the cats have a litter box nicer then sum condos. Lets play sum pokers neighbor!

I appear homeless and disoriented but I feel great so who gives a rats ass.

The play at NL400 seems to be worse than NL200 but it could be too small of a sample. Jump in and check it out if ya can. I have no idea where all the bad players arrived from but as Super Fly Jimmy Snuka would say: "hallelujah bruddha".

If you are not ROLLED for a $400 buyin game shut a few tables down and just play 1 or 2 if ya see a great table. Or take a shot with a short stack. You might find yer fat ass with a Gus Hansen sized stackola if you pick the table with 2-3 ATM's. I figured out a while ago that you can often find weaker games 1 level up. Cha cha cHing! oh boy.

No excitin hands this mornin except one. I twisted me cards back and saw 2 NINERS then showed the hole cam. I raiseydazy, 1 call, Flop came KKA . I c-bet the flop 3/4 pot and "badmoonrisin" who i'm pretty sure is former all pro end Andre Risen just calls. Ooops. Turn goes check check. Riv is a vn NINER which in poker terms makes my holdings a boat, or full boat or full house, and also brings the heart flush which could be his hand. Normally in NL holdthem the boat dominates the flushie.

He bets $5 into 25, so I gotta raise his weak ass (note to self, just call next time) to 20 and he repops another 40. I'm now regretting my decision to boost my aggression river stats and gotta call cause pot is big and many would play a flush like that.

What he got hard core playas?

Ya........ you already know. The AK baybee. Nice floppeegge, better riv. I 2 outered meself, hahahahha. That left a mark. I think I can lay it down if the flush didnt come but I think I played it okay? Any comments?

Later kids,


Note: If you would like to become a Shark player at Absolute and/or its sister site Vegas Poker 24/7 (skin of AP) you might qualify for rakeback on your play. At the donk laden game I mentioned above you would receive an extra $70 a day (approx) back from me for every 1000 hands you play. At 6 max this would be 2 tables for about 5 hours or 4 tables for 2.5 hours. If you don't have a job (unlike yers truly) and can pump out sum serious hands many players make $2-5,000 buckers a month (if they break even playing). You pay a ton of rake, get a kickback from me. Maybe you can win $1000, get 2000 back from me and make another 400 in bonuses. Then you can quit yer shitty job, move without leaving a forwarding addie for yer weak/passive/grumpy teens and move to Vegas like I wanna do.

Post in our Shark Forum in my "Rayz-it UP" column for more info or PM (private message) me in the forum, for more details.


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