Poker Road Warrior: Prince Sheba & Gary812 Go HU!
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Prince Sheba & Gary812 Go HU!

I missed the Thursday night Shark Showdown at Absolute but Shark legend GAR wrote this nice tourney report about his battle with tough NL animal "Prince Sheba". These 2 guys were in my Shark Army before I knew I had an Army (4 years ago?). Thx for your continued support fellers! 59 runners flung chippies for a vn turnout. I'll get sum more AP thursdays scheduled ASAP. Check out the $350 added OnlineShark FREEROLL at AP on Saturday. Password is shark99 be ready to play at 7PM EST tommorrow (Saturday).

Gary812 wrote:

Repost from our Forum:

My new nemesis Prince Sheeba spanked me heads up yet once again No thanks to the non-stop rain this last week, I had the night off from my annual part-time job and was able to catch some sweeet money add. Thank you Sharky & Absolute Poker.

I was catching cards and hitting flops nearly all night long - Chip leader most the game, and never out of top 5 after the 1st break. Cruised to the final table with chip lead only to look 2 seats to my left and see Sheeba sitting on a pretty nice stack himself. Many other good players with decent stacks, but I had this eerie feeling the Prince and I might dance yet once again. After going a bit card dead and losing a few races late at the final table, I was left as the short stack with 4 remaining and Sheeba with 1/2 the chips in play. But a few nice hands later and a crucial suckout of my A-10 shortstack against A-K allowed me to move into head-ups against Sheeba dead even in chips.

I think we played 1 hand, and then the tournament went to break (note to all other poker sites other than Full Tilt - When only one table is in play and you go on a scheduled break, please add button that allows game to continue right away if both players click the 'I'm Ready' button). Once back going, I made a crucial mis-read and reraised Sheeba thinking he was on a draw. When he pushed all-in, I had to fold leaving him with about a 2-1 chip lead.

Not many hands later, a bit of a cooler hand finished me off. I limp with 10s 3s in the sb. *** FLOP *** [4c 5s Js] and Sheeba leads out betting. I re-raised 3 times his bet and he calls. *** TURN *** [4c 5s Js] [2s] making my flush. Sheeba bets and I re-raise 3 times his bet again (nearly all my chips). Again he flat calls. *** RIVER *** [4c 5s Js 2s] [Ac]. Figured for sure he had the Ace of spades and had made Aces up, so I go all in for my last few chips. Turns out I was half right - he calls and turns over As 6s for the Ace high nut flush. 2 cards in my hand, 2 cards in his hand, and 5 on the board. 9 cards in play and 7 of them have to be frickin spades. Still can't complain as I had more than my fair share of hands.

$5 bucker returns over $90 for a very nice return on investment. If you are not playing these games, you are missing the boat. Deposit today and start taking advantage of the sweet money added by Sharky and AP. Great game Sheeba - until next time...

TOURNEY_RESULTS_START Absolute Poker Tournament #1908601 Start Time: 2007-10-18 21:00:00 (ET) 1: PRINCE SHEBA, payout $140.53, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 2: GARY812, payout $93.69, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 3: RUMOR73072, payout $56.21, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 4: SJ709, payout $46.84, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 5: OLDMANRIVER1, payout $37.47, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 6: KRISM1, payout $30.44, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 7: TALOND1, payout $25.76, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 8: MTD123, payout $21.08, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 9: SHARKTOMAN, payout $16.39, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 10: KARDMANIA, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 11: SEMPAI JOANN, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 12: NATAL1A, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 13: TGREER61, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 14: MIKESBOAT, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00) 15: BC5457, payout $0.00, rebuys (0-$0.00), addons(0-$0.00)_________________


Thx for the sweet report GAR.

Lots of familiar AVATARS were witnessed in this pack of misfits, gamblin degenerates and uncharged felons (haha). Thanks everyone for hangin in there while I took another much needed break from runnin sharkville.

I'll be trying to play more this winter and will put up some nice bounties when I know I can play for sure.

Hope to see some of you posting in the forum soon. Its a great way to meet new friends and smack talk newbs. Check out the gamblin fool :Bad Bobs: new column. BC2635428 has an opinion on most anything and hes got game too.

Manly hugs and flopped trips,



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