Poker Road Warrior: MINny Mouse, Table Selection and Bourbon Samplin'
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MINny Mouse, Table Selection and Bourbon Samplin'

I hope all my USA friends had a great summer. If you live in Australia (howdy Matt) or Surinhammar Sweden (Hi, Goran and family) I hope you had a good winter or fall?

Here's an update on what me and my lovely check rayzin bride have been up to.

Its been a crazy, busy summer and it's been hard to find time to blog, play or run any tourneys. I'm sorry I have not been a better tourney host and leader of the feared “Shark Army”. A loose band of poker degenerates whos sole purpose in life is to empty the online accounts of everyone they meet at their respective tables.

What have the warden, shark and lab Cody been up to? We almost got a deevorce but she decided on just giving me a few weeks off in a nice (haha, 39.99 a night) motel. We almost moved to Vegas but thats gonna have to wait till later. The 18 yr old (Sam) still needs us in the vicinity so I took one for the team and we didnt move.

I found a nice dealership to sell cars at (Volvo) close to home (traffic is so bad around here job location is key). After selling there for 2 weeks they promoted me to run their used car satellite lot which is still nice and close to home (10 min.) . Its a “project store” which means I have a big job here to make it profitable. I have 5 good sales dudes and another 9 at our main store selling off our lot so it should be doable.

The warden (Patti) has been remodeling like crazy at our home. New tile in the laundry room, new baseboard trim, new paint everywhere, carpet coming this week, and many other plans to get our 20 year old home up to date. She does beautiful work. I'm jealous since I can barely change lightbulbs.

I'm powerwashing the deck and getting ready to prune the whole yard for winter this week. As long as I have the garage fridge full of Pacificos, Kirin or Sapporro, i'm good to go with the yard work.

Our goal is to keep this house (for the great summers here) and get a small townhouse in Vegas. We'll see if we can swing it in about a year or so. My mutt Codyster has been a lil grumpy since I have not had time to take him to the beach much the last few months. He's pretty busy keeping the cats in line and sniffin their butts though. Does your dog love the alluring aroma of cat sphincter as well? I did not teach him that. I did teach him to hump legs though and hes a riot at dinner parties. The UPS guy doesn't wear shorts anymore either.

Some guys teach their labs to hunt. Unfortunately, I don't hunt.

Okay, a little POKER update. I'm having a blast just playing when I want, with no pressure to pay bills with the proceeds of a 4000 hand allnighter grind. Thats the great thing about working a “real” job again. My Poker BR doesnt have to go anywhere. I can build it and move up when i'm rolled for the next level.

I love this game but the computer headaches, sore wrists and back full of knots can be tough on an old dude. You 20 somethings might not have back problems yet, but let me know how yer doin' at 47 like me. I want to play shorter sessions and less tables now. So my tude is good and i'm playing great right now.

I'm off to bed. Tommorrow:

MINny Mouse!

This is the weak player that doesn't have a brain. All he knows is hit the MIN button to raise. Usually this means a weak player has a monster. They have been waiting to trap you and now they go to MINI mode. I love to repop this player but ya better have the goods if ya don't have a ton of stats on the villain.

Table Selection:

Players are improving. Many weak USA players have decided its best to stick to blackjack. This is a good plan if ya don't have strong skilz. Online poker is not easy to beat. BJ is a better way to blow a few bucks for many.

This is funny to me but some are actually scared to deposit and play. Its always the same story. I say "do you know that NO ONE in the USA has been charged with a crime for playing online poker?" They always say something weak-tight like, "ahh I enjoy just playing playchips now or I never really played much anyways". Huh? IMHO, these players needed a reason to quit. They were gettin their asses handed to them. It got old. No winning player is going to quit.

More are playing 6, 8 or 12 tables and making a living at low limits (NL200 and under, 4/8 limit and lower). Many are just ultra tight non-thinking grinders that can break even and make 3K in rakeback (or more) in a month grinding long sessions. I have a good plan to help you against these guys. Look for a long post tommorrow.

Bourbon Slurpin':

I found a superb Bourbon that is not to spendy. I'll post a review tommorrow and tell you where you can buy it for 30% off with no tax.

I appreciate all 3 of you sticking around to see whats up with the sharkee family. I'll get some tourneys fired up soon and a new newsletter and we'll play da pokers this October!

I'll put the IM on more in the upcoming months so if you are one of my many pals let me know how yer doing. Suggestions on upcoming events would be great also.

Good Luck at the tables this week!



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