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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Head Up Pokers Baybee

Shark player Tim Williams draggin pots at the MGM Grand in Lost Wages above. Nice Shark tee Timster.
Yup. I get home and the warden says "get yer work clothes on, you got pwr washin to do mister". Livin in the Pac NW means you have to spend most of your time power washin all the mold, moss and mildew off everything you own out doors. I'm makin 90 bucks an hour playin heads up this week and i'm powerwashin a deck which I could hire someone to do @ about 12 bucks an hour. Whats wrong wit this pic?

OK. I fuckin. Powerwashed> Like a mofo.

Heads up. I have always done well playin heads up but it appears there is a whole bunch of new HU players out there. They are very aggressive. I decided to just play head up this week online and although I had limited time it was very fun and profitable. I played Full Tilt, then UB and a lil absolute poker this afternoon. +270 in about 3 hours of single table play.

Heres what I witnessed in HU NL action. Extreme aggession at 1/2 and .50/1.00. The 5 or 6 guys I played tried to run me over. If you encounter I weak/passive HU opponent I think this is a great strategy. Heres what I did, and it worked well. Fold, Fold, Fold. I'm weak and your aggression is overwhelming sir. Let them think you are just another scared player.

I'm gonna limp with monsters and trap when villain smells weakness. I have QQ and limp, aggro mofo raise 1/2 blinds to 6, I reraise to 18 and he insta calls cause thats what bad players do. Flop A 8 2, I bet 3/4 pot, he foldo.

This passive weak image opens up bluff avenues also. 10 hands later, I limp with 34h, aggro boy raises to 6 I reraise to 18 he calls flop is Ks Qs 2h. I bet pot he insta folds. Aggro boy rarely has a hand and does not want to play big pots with passive limpers that rerayz his weak ass. haha.

When you start to have them twisted up (tilt) they will show a bluff or 2. I don't show them anything. Let them tilt. They will usually reload and play worse after the reload.

HU is a fun, trapping game. If you think you are beat, FOLD and find a better spot. This was the last hand of the day. I peek @ 99 and raise 1/2 to 6 buckers. AP aggro boy calls. Floppage came 8 2 J no soots. I check (cause he always bets if I check) he bets 9 and I raise to 30 and he calls. Turn is a Jack. I bet 3/4 pot and he calls. Riv is a pretty Jack. I put him on an 8. K8, A8, 28 whatever. I value bet riv he goes allin and I re-evaluate this hand.

I still can't put him on a jackson and put him on life tilt at this point and called. He had AIR. Nuttin. Squadosh. Ship sharky his monies. "Player badmoonrisin has left the table"

Try HU this week. Fold your rags and punish with monsters.

The top 2 Shark players online this week were Clairvoyance (animal from So Cal) and HANTEN from parts unknown. Hanten has been killing AP. Please email me for sum Shark swag Mr Hanten. Shout out to Trip20Bep as well. Bonnie is playing great and will be playin with sharky in vegas soon (I hope).

Swag going out this week to me bruddha Travis in NewFoundland, Bonnie, Carey Bear in UK and Bad Bob. Bob was recently deported to Canada, and Canada refused to accept him. Thx for your support and porn downloads kids!


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