Poker Road Warrior: Runnin bad, I shut er doooown!
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Runnin bad, I shut er doooown!

Clik on above image to enter Sharkeys world.

In the interest of fair and accurate blogging I have to post when I get murdered as well as the nites when the donkelicious Absolute players payoff like the ATM's that they are. AP is so much easier at NL100 and NL200 than Full Tilt. I decided to leave FT for a while. I'm not saying FT is not beatable but when I datamine 16 tables for 6 hours and can only find 2 SOFT tables that ain't good ladies.

vpip 22%, rayz pre 16%, total aggression factor avg 3.5, these kind of stats are not what i'm looking to sit next to. VPIP =Voluntarily put cashish into pot. There are a ton of 8 tablers making a good living on FT at these limits. Their stats are excellent, they know when to lay down big hands and are very good at staying away from big pots without the goods. I don't mind having 1 or 2 of these bots at me table but 3 or 4 is no good my friend.

I usually play as RAISINHAVOC at AP (i play 4 different names at AP, 2 at AP and 2 at Vegas Poker 24/7 an AP skin). Wife plays the same accounts so if ya see me cold calling or limping preflop or playing MIN bet (fukkin limit) its not me its the warden so say hi to her. She loves to be called missus sharkey. And shes a good limit player beating AP up to 3/6 6 max, 2 tablin.

I prefer to play these guys. Whatup playa:

STAGE #799673013: HOLDEM NO LIMIT $1 - 2007-10-25 07:09:11 (ET)
Table: HOBBS DR (Real Money) Seat #2 is the dealer
Seat 2 - JINGBAO510 ($160.37 in chips)
Seat 3 - WOOTINI ($65.10 in chips)
Seat 4 - RAISINHAVOC ($140.55 in chips)
Seat 6 - SPCICEMAN ($54.85 in chips)
Seat 1 - TOKUAN ($197 in chips)
WOOTINI - Posts small blind $0.50
RAISINHAVOC - Posts big blind $1
Dealt to RAISINHAVOC [2c 2d]
SPCICEMAN - Raises $3 to $3
TOKUAN - Folds
JINGBAO510 - Calls $3
*** FLOP *** [3s 3c 2h]
JINGBAO510 - Calls $4
RAISINHAVOC - Raises $15 to $15
SPCICEMAN - Calls $11
JINGBAO510 - Folds
*** TURN *** [3s 3c 2h] [10h]
SPCICEMAN - All-In(Raise) $36.85 to $36.85
RAISINHAVOC - Calls $19.85
*** RIVER *** [3s 3c 2h 10h] [10s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
RAISINHAVOC - Shows [2c 2d] (Full house, twos full of tens)
SPCICEMAN - Shows [10d Ad] (Full house, tens full of threes)
SPCICEMAN Collects $114.20 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($117.20) Rake ($3)
Board [3s 3c 2h 10h 10s]
Seat 1: TOKUAN Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 2: JINGBAO510 (dealer) Folded on the FLOP
Seat 3: WOOTINI (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
Seat 4: RAISINHAVOC (big blind) HI:lost with Full house, twos full of tens [2c 2d - B:2h,P:2d,P:2c,B:10s,B:10h]
Seat 6: SPCICEMAN won Total ($114.20) All-In HI:($114.20) with Full house, tens full of threes [10d Ad - B:10s,B:10h,P:10d,B:3s,B:3c]

Shit happens. Always glad these short stackers don't have more cashish when they push the turn with no clue after I repped the trip 3's on 2 streets and they hit the miracle.

I shut er doooown after this sweet 2 outer, by my new personal ATM card "Spiceboy". Note to self: Sum nites you can't win sucka.

This hand usually wouldnt tilt me but i had just spent 2 hours playing great and fighting my way back to only -280 after being down -440 2 hours prior. I'm in control of 4 tables and know its gonna be a winning session when this hand put me back in the deep hole of -340 instead of putting me to only minus 160.

Being 4am when I gotta be at workey at 10am mighta been part of the "shut er down" plan also.
I'm not whining here, just don't want to be a fair weather blogger. I can play great and get my fat ass creamed just like you, neighbor.


More tourneys coming including 4 events in a row at AP. Our Thursday night "Sharks Home Game" is back, hard core chip slingin playas.

I'll be adding sum bounties soon if ya wanna knock me or one-a me henchmen out in the NL pokers (born, tree, bad bob, CB, shark legend GAR, HU animal tgreer or maybe even Larry "lazrus" if we can find him). Are you okay bruddha? Many other vets I will not mention because of that witness protection dealo.
Next time I send you a shark email please go to the bottom and "forward to an ATM" so your friends that play bad can join our group. Thats mo money for all of us. cha cha cha ching!

Mad props to newest shark animal "chatoman". He scored a sweet final table at "the dog" bodoggie and cashed twice. Once for that event and a $20 transfer from yers truly for sportin our shark avatar (contest in our forum, check it out). Go to the forum to read more about this dashing world traveler, former porn star and chip slingin poker savant CHATOMAN.

Get sum.

Hope ya flop top set on a dry board and get heavy 3 way action,



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