Poker Road Warrior: 2 Shark attacks bring "Charterboss" & "MoneyMikeNY" huge Cashes!!
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Thursday, October 20, 2005

2 Shark attacks bring "Charterboss" & "MoneyMikeNY" huge Cashes!!

Upcoming Tourney News at bottom including just announced LADIES only event hosted by sexy minx and resident hottie, Mrs Shark, tough 3/6, 2 tablin "RaisinHavok" Support the warden!!

Shark Vet Charterboss Cleans Up! (pic top)

I love to hear all of your success stories. My friend, and long time player (10 months Mike?) scored a sweeeet 3rd place finish a couple nights ago and cashed $1600. Very nice hit, Mikey Fox! Proud Shark is not worthy!

Looks like Mike way "overchicked". New bride is enfuego. Shark dancin with yer bride in Spring o6 Vegas Mikey!

I really need to hear about my players success. If gets me jacked about my own game. Please do what Doug Conn did and send me screenshots (he musta sent 8 one month) so I can post info and get our members to see the opportunities for players that learn to play well and practice, then take down a nice cash. If you have never had a big cash believe me (and ask Mike, Doug) its a huge rush!

My first win (1400. UB $20) I just about woke up my whole neighborhood (4am we finished). The transfer of my new found BR (bankroll, Poker term!) was instantly in account and I stared at it for 10 minutes! Wow, i'm a player! You know, lookin back now, I really wasn't a player (3 month playin newb, no PT, no coach, playin 1/2 limit, 1 table).

I entered final table crippled and shortest stack by far. It was kinda sick how my rush started and never really finished. I had 2 boats and 2 flushes in key hands (huge pots) and quickly knocked out 3 players myself. One huge stack to my right, still had me double covered. I knew just enough to stay away from him. I had already seen he was the best player (very agg, poker term) in the tourney and was slappin everyone around like I do now in 20-50 buck events.

Many weak folds, as he punished the huge blinds while us newbs just wanted 3rd place for a sweet cash. Don't do what I did that night. Always checkin the payouts. ha! newb. Be aware of your place and prizes but don't stare at it. Usually 3rd place is good dough. 4th and lower are ho-hum. Thats in general speak, but you get the idea.

Many low buyin players are just hoping to climb one more spot and fold good pockets to agg players. Don't do this. Play to win! You see this on WPT show alot. Young internet player folds into money.

Seasoned pros use that knowledge to punish his blinds or come over the top knowing yung buck will wet himself and fold to a huge "strength" raise. Push half yer stack in (immediately, no hesitation, look him right in eye. I don't wear sunglasses in tourneys, i'm an actor. I gotta be bold. Not gonna hide behind shades, ever! I'm sayin to him "I was hopin you might try to push me around now what, PRO?!! Now watch his pro stones shrink. BEST feeling you will ever have in Poker! Its when you know you a playa... Try puttin a "strength" move like that on Shark legend gary812 or me sometime in a tourney. We hit the re-raise button almost before your chips get in middle. Might have a hand, might not. DON'T MATTER! ha!

Back to the tourney. My rush continued and of course the whole table was thinkin "shyt, he folds everything for 2 hours and now he's in every pot and the aggressor at table, whats going on?"

The big stack lost control of "his" table and now its just me an him. I launched maybe 5-6 myself. ha! I got him covered, but not by alot. I had practiced heads up a bit so had a clue. My guess is he was a much better player, but no stoppin me this nite. I finished him off in about 8 hands and he put tail between legs and cashed about 800. Hey, this game is easy (that night anyways). Never had a rush like that since. But if I do, I can win the Pokerstars 700K (140,000 win) and it won't be that difficult. Ya gotta dream!

Shark members ain't foldin into the money. You gonna win, then send your ole buddy Shark a sweeeet screenshot he can post for all to see! Dream! Set goals! What are you gonna do with your first 1400. cash? I bought my first 213T samsung and had it hooked up in 2 days (dell, 1 day delivery). I was hooked and wanted more. I played a fun game for $20, beat 300 players from all over the world and they send me 1400?

Get outa town... I want more! Bring it.......son!

I love this game. I want you all to feel this rush. I hadn't felt that rush since my wedding day or a huge win when I was 17 and pitched in an all star game win with a great team of friends that were all good players.

Competition is great! You can compete at this game when you are old, have bad kness, or even if you can't walk. Thats a big reason why it still continues to grow. Frustrated ex-jocks (like me) that need an outlet. Older, retired people that are tired of bad TV. Man, its really bad, IMO.

Plus, you meet cool people and have new friends. Make sum extra money too? YES, if you practice, read, etc. If you are playing for real money today and watchin TV, shut er down. One or the other PC or TV. Watch your table. Who's aggressive. Who can you push around? Print out sum strategy while you are playing. My shorthanded links are a great start. click here ya lagg

Again, if ya just wanna have fun and play for free, great! I'm talking to the players that want to be the next Doug, Gary, Born, Sweetness, Texas Dan. Guys that hate second and will check raise their favorite granny to take down a pot.

This link is the second best money you will ever spend if you are a serious player. I bought in 5 min. after watching the free video: click for best online poker coach

First best investment (and it isn't close) Pokertacker Software Free to try, but buy it! I have had it for 2 years and still learn more new info that helps me everyday I play (lately, no time to play, yuk).

It's not easy to set up or learn. I have help data for you and links to other great teachers of PT. I have sheets that will show you what optimal stats are (IMO). I developed these sheets last year after studying several pros stats on 2+ 2 forums. Many top players posted their stats and I poured over them for days. You play your own game (not mine). Just use tools I have, to help your game evolve. Read 2+2. Ask Greg Raymer a question on their forum or Barry Greenstein or many other top pros. 2 + 2 Forums.

Do a Forum search on Pokertracker. See what players that 8 table 20/40 say about PT.

Remember this software finds bad players for you as well as tracks your play.. If you play against me (or hundreds of other players that have great stats) for 100 hands look at PT, check my stats and if you are to my right (or left) just leave. Its gonna be a long day, you can find bad players with horrible stats all over! Recognize good tables and leave. Many players think they know whats going on by watching players. I'm amazed quite often at how PT stats do not jibe with what I think I am seeing. Recognize bad tables (with PT) and camp out. Say to yourself, "I appreciate finding a donkified table"! nh gg!

If you purchase PT from one of my links (write down date of purchase so I can verify) and start using it, here is the next step to receive my help. Load 5000 hands. Email me and we will get started. Do not send me 1000 or even 4000 hands. 5000 is minimum to see what your tendencies are and get you on the proper track. I prefer 10,000.

My help is free. I could charge (and have in past), but i'm just pushing you in right direction, you are doing the rest. Also, I don't have time to really coach anymore. My info sheets are extensive and will be fun to go thru as you start to become deadly with this software. I will tell you which screenshots of PT I need at that time.

As you become proficient tell your friends how I helped you become a winning player. Have them sign up at one of my sites and become a Shark member. Or forward this info to Poker players you know, it might change his BR. Forward to a friend is at the bottom of the bulk mails I send.

JUST ANNOUNCED! Ladies Only Event! We are looking for the next Shark staked Tourney player (grrrl). A Final table in this Mrs Shark hosted event will be a nice start in your quest to claim yer slot! Absolute Poker 11/2 9PM EST Money added! Any men signing up will be banned from our membership! I get a Tourney roster from AP, no cheating. I would hate to block your email/ISP from our team. Register on the Shark site only. Email and real name (not screen name) when our data base prompts you. RaisinHavok will be handing out Shark swag!

Read next 2 posts for more Tourney News and the HUGE WIN for soon to be Shark legend MoneyMikeNY (handsum pic to)! Hes "enfuego" (red hot) ed.....GAR! ed...GAR! ed....GAR! Comon GARy812 I need a win!!


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