Poker Road Warrior: Time To Throw Down! Sharkfest!
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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time To Throw Down! Sharkfest!

UB hat (backwards), Starbucks (baileys), twin towers on, all forum questions answered, no pants, depends (breaks, I don't need no stinkin breaks)...check...check...check...check...check...check

Lets dance donkeys!

Note: Fish Tank hats are being mailed out Monday. Huge new order of Shark tees arrive Tuesday (S to XXXXL). 60 scheduled to go out this week!

Now, a message from your sponsor: Everyone have a great time today! I'm jacked cause I have worked hard all week and now I get to play too! All 3 events, a couple heads up matches (Main Man Matt, i'm gonna make you run fer yer momma).

If you score a knockout today (Shark, Sweetness, Connjure, TexasDan or Shark Legend Gary812) the software probably won't pay you automatically. Email Shark and write which tourney and player you sent to the rail. I will then have money transferred. Be patient, all sites are busy on Sundays. If Shark offers you a free t-shirt today, email (email above) with your size and home address. I always pay postage also.

SPECIAL OFFERS TODAY! Sharkfest will continue next month. The offers (added money) we receive will depend on the deposits we get this week. More deposisits and support for our buyin events this week means more cash added! Many of you know this, but we have many new players each month so if you are a veteran, sorry for the repetition.

I had a great day yesterday! I have been looking for a special Shark Baseball Hat and finally found it. The first 100 are ordered and man they are so sweet. Black, with embroidered Shark logo. This will be the nicest (and most expensive) hat I have owned. You to, I hope.

We need deposits! Our sponsors today have supported us (big time). Play 300 raked hands (.25/.50 or higher limit) and you will pick up our NEW Shark Poker Tour Hat. These are very high quality, so if you prefer we will transfer you $20 instead of a hat if you like cash. Shark always pays the shipping.

Complete your hands by month end so we can do the required bookeeping. This offer is for Caribbean Sun, Titan Poker, and Poker Time. First time depositors only (this months deposits) and you had to first enter these sites by clicking our link or banner. If you don't qualify at these sites, email me. I'll work something out elsewhere. I want all to be wearing this hat. Ladies will love it also!

Your deposits at these sites will allow you to play our low-buyins there this week!

There it is. I support you, you support me. Deposits keep us rolling and will mean more added money and better swag (gifts). Check out the calendar for this week! Huge Royal Satellite Event Wednesday! Newest sponsor BODOG stepped up and offered us a HUGE purse for our first event there (next Sunday). It took me 3 months to get a Tourney there. They don't usually allow private Tourneys. Our success at Pokershare (70 deposits) secured that site. We will keep that site by (you guessed it) depositing.

If you are not ready to deposit. I UNDERSTAND. You are still a valuable member of our TEAM! We all become ready at different times. If you have fears, post those fears in our forum. Thats why all my Veterans are there (to help you ya newb, lol). New players can help us by posting in our new forum. That is really appreciated. Ask questions. Learn. Grow as a player.

Many players find that the real money games are incredibly easy (especially after playing my Army) to beat and the huge bonuses, swag and rakeback make it very profitable. You can be a break even player and do very well. Improve and start 3 tabling and the money will pay for extras you have always wanted.

Don't tell bad beat stories! Decide what you did wrong and go to the next tourney. Ever hear that guy that always says "Well, I went in with the best hand?". Don't say that. Say, "I failed to get a big stack early, so I was forced to win some "flips" as a slight favorite". Thats what really happened (usually). Nothing wrong with that (it happens to us all). But instead of whinin or telling people why you lost do this. Make some notes. How can I play better next time? Why didn't I build a stack early? You may need to loosin up early. Or run some bluffs. Great article about building a stack here. If you have read it, read it again today. I have read it 6 times. Advanced Tourney Play!

While you are waiting for the next Tourney to start today line up your week. Print out our calendar above and register at these great sites for upcoming action. The UB event is up now at our site. Royal and Bodog will be up soon. Register your info below now!

Ultimate Bet 11.15 TEC for the WINNER!

Royal Vegas Poker 11.16 Top 6 Win $55 Satellite Seats!

Red Hot! Bodog Poker 11.20 $200 added + Top 3 WIN $109 Satellite Seats!

Have fun! Be kind to fellow Shark soldiers! Make plans to earn a Shark Hat this week! Lets shuffle up and steal!!



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