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Monday, November 07, 2005

Shark adds more CASHISH! New Events just Announced!

First this: I'm rockin' out to this REM DVD right now. The police will be here soon (neighbors don't like 1 toofed Shark who appears to have no job and gets paper in speedos (or nuttin') each mornin at odd hours. One time when I was mowing the neighbor asked.....What do you do?

I say, well lets see. I multi-table the most donkelicious Poker sites on the net, usually at odd hours cause thats when the drunk east coasters come home and also when my UK friends decide to invest in a lil pokah! I don't think it's a good investment, but they do, and thats okay with me. I know you have seen our property taxes, right? right? what was yer name again? Oh ya, sorry Rick. After my mouse finger gets tired (about 1500 hands) I then start runnin herd ona buncha over agg chip tossin' loonies. Theres 12,000 of em, John. I collect a penny or 3 off every hand they play. And man, Dick, sum a dem loonies play alot, ha! They like to find me when i'm playing and call me names and they laugh when I get HU in a sit n go and they know its over for the leak, really before it ever got started. (Paul Newman, Color of Money).

I don't like neighbors. I don't wanna know you and you don't wanna know me. I have my own friends and not enough time to see them. Keep yer yard nice and don't ask me what donkelicious means. ha!

Hot tip get REM "perfect square" dvd best concert....dvd... ever....its not close. Crank it up to about 3PM (volume) and wait about 20 min. Then turn it down to normal. The cops arrive and I say " hey guys, ya want a soda?" They leave and I crank it for about ten more minutes to punish the neighbor that is home and calling the coppers. Hey, what are they doin home? Don't you people have jobs? Get to work. I love to play Pokah (rubs nipples furiously).

Best tracks are 16) she just wants to be 20) so fast, so numb 3) great old tune, whats the frequency kenny. Check out track 10, the camera work when front man Stipe goes into the audience, its unreal. He has all 20,000 reaching into the sky as he belts out "the one I love". Serious hot babes in crowd (honey can we go to Germany?). Watch the crowds faces. They all know they are watchin sumthin special. The added bonus concert "stirling" from Scotland is really well done also.

I remember a crowd like that when I saw my then favorite rockers, "Counting Crows" at the Gorge at George, WA. Voted best concert venue in America (several times) its hard to beat on a summer night as the sun sets behind the stage. They were red hot and knew it.

"Satellites" had just came out and they were on fire. Adam put on a show, piano, playin the crowd, what a night. It got a lil crazy at one point and he stopped the whole band mid song (instantly, they must have had a signal) and Adam says "ok thats it! There are people getting trampled in front! I will not play one more note till everybody relaxes and takes 3 steps backwards. I mean it, we will leave right now" You have never seen a crowd back up so fast. Bouncers pulled the trampled over the barricade and they started back up instantly. The precision crowd control was almost as good as the perfect rendition of my fav Crow song "anna begins" I never get tired of it.

Their disappointing 2 follow up albums really surprised me. Get it back Adam, i'm pullin' for ya! "August" remains best rock album of all time IMO.

Okay you freeloaders..uh...ahh...I mean freerollers. Check out the big calendar above. I added 3 or 4 tourneys today. More cash, more swag, yada yada. We are rollin kids.

I need deposits to continue the roll. Dump those play chips and make a small deposit, please. (hey shark said please!). Just play .01/.02 limit I don't care. I'm concerned that play chips will ruin whatever hopes I have of turnin you into a playa. Email me before you deposit and i'll set ya up with free swag. You have a choice of several items this month. Must be a new site you have not registered at. You must click a Shark link or banner to qualify. Clear yer "cookies" if you click lots of banners. Those banners have pokersharks, or code in them. Those are "bad" sharks that failed to grab an original moniker and they won't give you squat and neither will I if you don't click my banner first. nuff said.

IMO, the most important part of being a good (or great) Poker player is building good habits. Play chips has never built anything. Every student I have taught has to be deprogrammed if they were a serious play chippie. It's NOT real poker. You might enjoy it but don't you wanna get good? Even micro limits is a good training ground. At least those guys are playin with sumthin of value, even if its just pennies.

Pokertracker taught me good habits. I don't chase or cold call raises. I will lay down hands when I know i'm beat, and I watch my stats like a hawk. I know they can get better. My blind stealing % is a lil weak. That bugs me. I'm gonna improve. Most players don't know what their "see flop % is" That blows me away. How can you improve? How will you know when you are at a table with 3 sharks? You won't till its to late. Pokertracker will tell you before you sit down.

Standard Shark offer. Buy PT (Pokertracker) here from this link.

You can take the 1000 free hands like 99% of you do. But why not be different? Buy the whole version now. It's cheap, for what you get. You will then receive 2 free PT critiques from yer hero (me). I can tear apart your game from these stats and put you on track to be a Poker animal like my staked players. DO NOT email me till you have loaded at least 5000 hands. I need to see how bad/good you are. 10,000 hands loaded will earn you a shark tee (free postage too) if you have them loaded and do not email me before you have 10,000. Deal?

When I had time to teach I charged $80 for what i'm offering above. Its FREE if you commit.

Then I will email you back with required FAXed stats I want sent to me. Then I will mark them up and send them back. Play your game, I will try to help guide you to play your own style.

Invest in your game. Most players lose. It's a fact. PT tells me that every month. I guarantee you most of the PT owners are not losers. They committed to being great. Its not fun to set up (I won't help). PT support and forums will help though. Pokertracker Pat is a legendary cust. service person and designed the software. If you can't read instructs don't buy it. You need to read a lil to set it up.

I don't care about the small commission I get on this. When my friends ask "Steve, what are you doing?" I say, i'm building Poker players (and pissin off neighbors). PT, and online tourney animal nsxts are my guides to make you great. All ya have to do is put down the mouse and stop playing so much.

Invest, learn, build good habits and as Todd "nsxts" Arnold says "PAY ATTENTION"! Don't watch TV or surf the net or look at porn. Okay, i'm allright with the porn but you get my drift, right?

Great Tourney action upcoming!


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

Love the post, especially the reference to Chau Giang. The guy is a great (and I quote) "pokah" playa and a riot!!

I remember when Chau said that and while rubbin his nipples. Ah such excitement and happiness as Chau is one card away from victory. Then getting rivered by Robert Williamson followed by blow up!! Remember he said in an interview during broadcast that he played pokah and his kids never saw him on TV and now they get to see him on TV or something in the likes of that... What a role model or at least he is mine. Thank goodness he came back and won or maybe all hell would have broken use. I heard now that he takes a chill pill so he don't blow up anymore (or not as bad) :-(

Enough of my spiel.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Careybear said...

I love your blog sharky baby!!! I saw REM on their Monster tour they are so awesome!!! I'm going to get poker tracker but was told there is a free version to try out so i will do that and pay for the paid version next paycheck...ugh i need a job...i'm tired of being broke or get peeps to sign up under me for my affiliates like you do!! :) I admire ya sharky...keep up the good work...I will become a good sharkette under your guidance oh great one!!


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

the babes dig the sharkmasta...what can I say.

Thx CB, yer a great sharkette already!

Ladies event at AP this month! lite smack talk, heavy chip slingin....shark action!


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