Poker Road Warrior: Pokershare Fiasco! Bump in road for my great membership....
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pokershare Fiasco! Bump in road for my great membership....


I am very sorry I introduced you to Pokershare. Here is my "take" below. If you want to discuss further please go to our forum. I may post there a little later but I really feel like just posting here and moving on. Our membership is on a serious roll, lets just forget about losers and have a great November! Check out our schedule above. Its jam packed with killer freerolls. Bodog and our new site (secret) are going to set us up! Check out 11/13. 3 Tourneys in one day. Put on yer depends (soot up), you will not be able to leave your PC. A ton of swag too.

MY take on Pokershare/UB fiasco (this is my opinion only):

I will always try to protect my players from idiots but sometimes I can't sniff them out quick enough. The smell at first was like I stepped in poo poo but then as the arrogance and horrible customer service got worse, Pokershare smelled like an old diaper in a hot car. My guess is UB banished them from North America as punishment for stealing UB players. UB wasnt smart enough to make their players unable to register with Pokershare? ha! Easiest software fix ever. PartyPoker did it for years. You just put a code in that does not allow "skin" players to sign up at the "main site". Remember, Pokershare may be receiving a death sentence by being booted out of the N. American Market. A guy can only HOPE!

The arrogance to send everyone checks instead of Neteller transfers (how we all deposited) is just the final slap in the face. A goodbye kiss kinda. This allows them to "float" our money and pick up a ton of interest while we wait for our checks. Who wants to depend on the US Postal service for hard earned money? I wire money or do EFT's (electronic fund transfers).Thats what a professional business person would do. Shit, they already had our Neteller info!! I would never mail you a check, shark member! They have cool online banks that do a great job. We know what you are doing Pokershare!

Pokershare is just a bunch a rich newbies (to Poker business) that are aggressive salesman. They bought a "skin" of the best software online (smart, wish I could afford) and then went crazy stealing all their new partners/big brothers customers.

I can't really blame them (of course now they can't play ball in N America (so horrible biz move,
haha) since big brother (UB) wasnt smart enough to install software or make good guidelines so they couldn't let their customers jump ship (gold in this biz). Why wouldn't they jump ship??

Most players were playing UB with no rakeback! New site comes along and says "hey, ya want 20% or yer rake back, play yer fav software, and be a shareholder, and new sign up bonus, sign up here!!" You offer anyone this and they gone, bye bye. I had 300 sign up in 72 hrs.

UB coulda spent $1000, hired me (or any other sharp poker affiliate) as a consultant and I could have told them what would happen if they set this up the way they did. What kind of a fool is running your store, UB?

PokerNow had the exact same thing happen to them when they signed up under PartyPoker and started stealing customers with offers of huge rake back. It lasted a few months until Party bitch slapped them and they dropped off the Poker map. Maybe someday the Shark Poker Network will have our own software and not have to deal with tool boxes! (big money investor subtle HINT). Maybe UB didnt hear about this. Everyone I know in the Poker biz heard about it.


Is it Pokershares fault or Ultimate Bets? UB I say. They are supposed to be pros in this business. Pokershare is a buncha rich aggressive used car salesman that only want to get rich. I think they both will get what they deserve. Horrible word of mouth (this is all over internet and will be for a long time), a bad apple "skin" that no one in N. America can play and no new players that Pokershare was supposed to recruit in the N. America area for struggling weak marketer UB. IMO, UB was struggling and hired/let buy in, Pokershare to aggressively go after new business. I mean who hired this guy as a spokesman: Antonio Esfandiari, check out this tool here

How do you hire this guy and still have a JOPKE? His site is the biggest joke on the internet. His "rocks and rings" lil club reminds me of when I was 12 and we had a secret club in the baseball stadium scoreboard (Everett, WA) and drank boones farm and talked about touchin grrs in their private areas.

An excerpt from this UB Spokesmans club bylaws:

In the finest restaurants, bars, clubs and after-hours hidden hot spots. The more exclusive it is -- the harder you have to work to perpetrate past the velvet ropes and bouncers' glares -- the more likely you are to find R&R there. Once inside, don't expect to see members of Rocks and Rings "running laps to the bar like the proletariat." No, they'll be set up at their own private table, anchored by bottles of top-shelf booze, drawing pluckworthy honeys like moths to the proverbial flame. They travel by limo. They jet off to Vegas. Or Costa Rica. Paris. In a sense it doesn't matter where they shoot to or how they arrive because they place they are will instantly become the place to be. To paraphrase Crowded House, "Everywhere you go, you always take the party with you."

I drink good booze and use to pluck noteworthy honeys like moths to a proverbial flame also (shark, the early years) but I didn't brag about it on the internet (okay there was no internet then but you get my drift, ya lagg). God, I hope this guy never cashes again. Hey UB, is this the best you could find? Pokerstars has great guy and killer player Greg Raymer and strong agg beautiful Isabelle got Antonio? Hmmm.

Read that line again. Its worth it...plucked noteworthy hahahahhahamuhaha


Lets re-sign you rakeback players at a new site. I have t-shirts ordered (2 weeks out) for the few that didnt get their shirts (ran out of a few sizes) from your PokerShare fiasco. All will be paid for October also.

I will have new swag for you if you forgive me for your intro to Pokershare. If you sign up this month at a new site (deposit and raked hands required)

64k FLASH DRIVES w/ Sharks logo on them (also called jump drives, usb memory sticks) or;

Shark Tees (now 3 color logo and printed on back also) or both!

All sites are easier then PokerShare (quality of play), that is the good news (especially as you move up), My top 4 rakebackers are below (I trust these unlike those PS guys that smelled funny from the start)

I will give you the same deal at the sites. Remember it has to be a new account and you must click my link to first arrive there (this is how they link you to me, so I receive your action/play)

These are my direct links. If you already belong to these send me a few sites you don't belong to. Keep in mind Pokerstars, Bodog, Paradise and Stacks do not allow rakeback.
Some will allow your wife or hubby to sign up their own account, try this if its okay with the sites.

1) Absolute Poker,

Huge reloads that don't affect your rakeback. Rakeback+Bonus (you will always have 1 to work) + Profits = sweet deal. Most other sites deduct rakeback as you work off bonus. AP realizes that good players will always pick up frequent reloads so don't penalize you or me!

Decent support, good sit n gos

Lotsa games and donkalicious. My wife kills 2/4 and 3/6 (2 tables) while playin spider solitaire and watching Dr Phil and Oprah (is she fat again?)

2) Caribbean Sun
(biggest donk congregation on planet, and its not close) This is where I play most of my ring games. 5/10 is similar to 2/4 at most sites (players so bad I chuckle to self as I lead them to promised land, ha!)

frequent tourney promos (WPT, etc,)

3) Fish Tank

(led by great young feller (IMO), pro Scott Fischman, excellent pro. manager sis Beth Fischman and network supported by the Babe Ruth of Poker ( my ole pal,Doyle Brunson). Good live support

I like the "big" cards they deal and being involved with people I like and trust. Scott is not a card carrying member of "rocks n rings". They give our members cool hats and sweet playing cards with the knarly Tank logo on them. booooohah.

4) Titan Poker

Up and comer. Not a ton of tables but man are they bad players. Good bonuses and good support.

Same software as Noble (previous owners of Noble).

I prefer that you pick 1 site and play it hard. Its difficult for me and bookkeep. to track 3-4 sites for each month for each player. If you try one, then hate it, just let me know and i'll start tracking a new one for you.

Any questions fire away. Or just start playing and let me know where you land!

This is a small bump in the road for all of us. Bad business people get in the way of good people all the time....The good people are around a long time and make many friends along the way. The bad ones end up banished to Europe or out of business or both.

700 Poker sites! They need us more than we need them! We are growing in spite of bad business people. Hope you will continue be a part of my Army!

I am now preparing an email to all Shark rakeback players. Pick a site now and start playing or send questions you have. I will answer all. If you did not get into our "rakeback, free shirt deal, fiasco, pokershare kissoff promotion" hit a LINK above and email me your request for free gifts and rake back. I will email each player individually to set you up. Tell me if you want a flash drive, shirt or both and I will tell you how many hands required (each site has different rules).

If you want to post a link to this blog feel free. Two Plus Two Forums, RGP whatever. Many players got screwed here. Spread the word. Its really the best way to handle this as we all wait for our checks they sent us. Unbelieveable! Do they have any idea how fast "bad word of mouth" travels on the net?

Post your general questions in my forum. I will get to them as I have time.

Cheers, Shark
"rocks n' rings wannabe"


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