Poker Road Warrior: Shark Staked Player "ConnJurer" Takes Down PL Omaha Event!
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shark Staked Player "ConnJurer" Takes Down PL Omaha Event!

Conn to left reading "deep thoughts by David Sklansky"

Only 2 weeks into our Shark Stake program and already a big win! 136 laggs entered this Pokerstars event (10/26) and it was an exciting final table. Shark was sweatin Doug and about fell outa me chair laughin' when this occurred with 3 left.

Big stack has approx 175K and Conn has 40k about 5K more then clown to right. Clown says lets chop! They all sit out and try to get a tourney director which always takes a long time but tonight its dbl. long (30 min.?). A fair agreement is made as they wait. 780 for leader and bout 460 for Dougie and tool boy. All like deal but when Manager comes in and lays it out (about what they agreed to, tool tyme says "sorry, I can't do that deal" haha. Run outa meds Dutch? I calm Conn down. Hes pissed mainly cause he got blinded down to less then tool boy. Doug you can win this. Fuck him (IM) Doug we need 820 not 460! Doug! Connman quickly rights ship and takes tool tyme, dutch, clown out in 2 hands! Enjoy yer 320, gg nh ty yw, m'fer. What a game!

It's on now. Doug (as you can imagine) feels like Ivey after a 2 day craps heater and is ready to throw down. Attitude is so huge and Dougs ready to end this charade now.

He quickly doubles up with a sweet boat QQQ66 and sends (nice guy, gentleman) Shatty home with just a story about what coulda been, 2 hands later!

This nice win puts Doug in top position for our staked team (4 cashes). But its early kids. Lots more Poker to be played and these guys have busy lives. If you would like to chat with any of our team we (Shark, Gary812, Born, Texas Dan, Sweetness, Conn) all have forums at the new Online Shark Forum . GAR and Shark have not played 1 event yet. Its on now. We are not lettin sum wader wearin', New Orleans lootin', Poker junkie take us down.

Drop by Dougs Forum today and tell him nice job. Please ask him all yer Omaha questions too cause Shark don't go there. Holdem and Trip Draw deuce-7 only for me.

Proud Shark! Thanks Doug! It's on now boyz, lets throw down..........

The Staked bank gets full we meetin' in Vegas on me, hummer Shark stretch, Born yer drivin. We'll pick up Scotty and Ed M and hit the streets. 2 big cashes will do it.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Clayshooter22 said...


I've seen that face before....oh, yeah!

He's a dead ringer for one of the "family" on DOG the Bounty Hunter.

That's what those guys do while waiting for the crack heads to visit come home to visit mommy. Play poker! It’s all starting to make sense now.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

oh yeah. sounds like Randy "macho man" Savage! Member him?

I am Dogs other step son glendon. I also can take my step-step-step bro Leland in any fight or as he calls a fight "maced him dad!".

Did you see him get his azz kicked in that 1 show? They finally get in a real fight and 130 lb Leland got beat up (bad) by a crack head. Sad stuff. Proud Dog said "you covered up well son" ha! covered up, how bout ya fight, its a crackhead ya lil punk. I think hellmuth could take Leland. Grizzle would hospitilize him.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

I feel the excitement: (snapping into a SlimJim) oooooo yeeeaaahhh and then I am goin to drop The Big Elbow on you punk azz!!

Speaking of Hellmuth, anyone catch him on UB last nite? Quite some fireworks at the 2-7 Lowball table and at an Omaha H/L table.


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