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Sunday, October 30, 2005

60 MINUTES! Till shuffle/deal at <-----Click Here To register

Sorry about the spacing and paragraph problems below. Tried to fix three times no luck. Will do later. Check out the SMACK throw down thread I started here! Top Forum. Post your place today and what happened to yer lame ass to miss out on this great trip...... Top 2 post your excitement and love to Sharkmasta.

2 Shark aggressive players (1st, 2nd today) will then soot up for the Aussie Millions Main Event Satellite! In that event at least 1 player (maybe more) will win a $12K trip/pack

Lets dance.......ladies. Register now at (link in title above) and then get your password from our shark site

hat, backwards......grey goose...NEAT please, ty Raisin,..........sklanskys hand rankings nearby (j/k I got dem down cold)....shades, (ray bans or maui jims)...........check, check,check,check. Its on.

Man, I love not having a real job! Sure i'm working 18-20 hr days right now but that will cool down when this growth spurt subsides and I increase my organizing. This week I set up my whole office. I have everything I need to run the "land shark" thingy dealo.

Big pro copier, scanner, 2 computers (4 screens), fast printer, color printer, FAX, laptop. Sweet setup! My laptop locked up Sat. and scared yer hero. It was just a blown wireless card and I have a backup so nice easy fix after a pro diagnosis. Already placed an order for another Lappy (xmas please honeybunny) so I can run 2 screens in hotel rooms. I think we may be traveling much more in the future. Also, nice to have a backup laptop if you use it 18 hrs a day and can't work if its down.

Mines beefy (dell inspiron 5100) and runs kinda hot (web guy says dells do) so I have a nice targus fan setup below Mr Lappy. He stays cool while i'm torturing the donktropolis that is Caribe Sun.

The new lappy will be lighter (quick road trips) and will have less apps on it. I have one in mind but suggestions would be appreciated. I want to load just what I need on it, be light and powerful. Quality is always more important to me then price. I have read the $500 laptops out now are crap. Rather spend the money and get a good 1.

Met a new web/computer/network guy yesterday and he slapped more RAM in MR Lappy and I really notice the difference when 4 tablin and running 1 word program and 2 excels at the same time. yes baby.

Have fun today kids! Watch out for Sharkettes practicing for the Ladies throwdown at AP on 11/2. Man dem grrs are good. Chip_Tricks says SempJoAnn is the top lady player in my crew. She may be right but that is certainly HIGH praise coming from her. Chippies is a very strong and feared player site wide. I immediately get a table change from support if either of those 2 or Nitrolcide, Sovereign are at my table. Management has its privileges.

I just cut/paste this

Dear Support, this is the powerful web magnate Sharky. I need a table change immed. and poket KINGS (don't wanna be to obvious). Wait 6 hands then deliver the ACES, baybeee. Please enter into software that if any of these #*+#$*+ grrs are at my table again "auto move me". Put me with BORN or cardluvr, I can handle them.
I'm da Shark for gods sake. Kindest Regards, Shark


Another Final Table and 2nd place for SempJo at Titan this week! I think there were 400 players in that one (not sure). She can't be stopped (only contained)! Who do you think is the first Sharkette to be on our Staked team? Its gonna happen soon...Stay tuned and soooted up.



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