Poker Road Warrior: More fun tidbits about Maxy and Pokershare fiasco!
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

More fun tidbits about Maxy and Pokershare fiasco!


Quote from Max Wright, Pokershare Mgr. and lame spokesman:

I would like to stress that it was beyond our control. We consider our players and affiliates our number one priority and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to remedy this action.

Shark retorts:

Total crap, there MaxyPaxy. You stole players, with no worries of UB stompin yer lil azz into the ground. Uh....yesterday they stomped yer lil azz into said ground...ha!

Pokernow was a recent example of what happens if you wanna try to steal players from sites that have big money and clout. Didn't you learn anything form PokerNow, Maxy? It was just a few months ago.

Now, you are in the same broken down pile as them and the entire internet poker player community hates you...........girlfriend.

Pokershare took a chance that they would get away with it. It didnt take long for them to get kicked to the curb. I was excited about finally having rakeback at my fav software and tourney site (UB). When I saw tool boy stealing thousands of players I knew it wouldnt last. It couldn't. Preschoolers don't win fights with High School Linebackers. UB has alotta flaws but Pokershares justa wannabe now.

I'm going to negotiate with UB (tommorrow) for rake back for me and my players (800). If they say no, we just play elsewhere. Not a problem.

I just posted this (above) at the site where I first started realizing that this wasn't a game played by old guys in smokey dark rooms (only 3 years ago) , it was an aggression laced competition where you needed skill, mental toughness and killer instinct (especially at a final table). Man I wish I had found this game 20 years ago. I can't hit a 90 MPH fastball into the gap anymore but I can still take on Chip Jett in the Stars 700k. And thats kinda cool. I love this game! Check out 2+2

I had a few 10/20 players that answered my newb questions (man I was scared to make that leap to 1/2 and 2 tables? Are you kidding me, 1/2?). They were very nice and I have tried to help many newbs since. I do remember that scary first deposit. I re-read Sklansky 2 times before my first deposit (had to be prepared to play .25/.50). You read that dry shit twice and tell me, you wanna play Poker or take a nap. After my nap, I soooted up and startin buildin a roll.

I have always been good at BR management. Maybe thats just because i'm 45, or maybe because my huge mortgage makes me nervous. Who knows. I never took shots at limits that I wasn't BR'ed for. Learned that on 2+2. Greg Raymer got much of his early game from 2+2. He still posts if ya wanna ask him sumthin. Barry Greenstein also.

My players have been very supportive these last 2 days! I really appreciate it. Many had never had rake back and were excited to have added income. I will work out a deal with each and everyone of you. Just email me and tell me your favorite place you would like to play (that you do not have an account at) or ask my opinion on the best site.

This month I am giving out more shirts and usb "flash" drives also. Email for details. If you already recieved a shirt how bout another? Can you really have to many cool tees? This month I have 3 sites sponsoring tee Shirts & flash drives.

Our backorder shirts are due in about a week from costco. We ran out of several sizes so I placed a monster order this time, S to XXXXL. The new ones have more nice shark speak on the back also.


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