Poker Road Warrior: Shark Tees Arrive! Plus Weekend Schedule
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Shark Tees Arrive! Plus Weekend Schedule

After our back ordered Shark Tees arrived (Costco) they found a word misspelled (last week) and today the new ones showed up. I'm swinging by there now to grab them and my whole crew will help mailout this weekend. Thx for your patience.

I actually had time to play a lil Pokah yesterday and will crank it up again tonight. My honeybunny (Raisin) has been working on a 2000 hand bonus from Eurobet and we have till tonight to finish off 400 more raked hands (about 2 hrs, 4 tablin short handed). I'm rusty from all the site, shark shyt so may only play 3 tables of 3/6 short. Last night I was on and showed very little rust.

Sometimes my old game will creep back if I have not played so I have to fight hard to be more aggressive and raise even when it feels a lil uncomfy. Being a tight player (table image) means my raises send out a strong signal. I owned my 3 tables last night and my pre raises (15%) earned many blind steals, pots won just by bettin a flop I missed, or a HU pot folded on the turn as I turned the heat up. Often without a pair or even a good draw. Blind stealing is not a huge deal at lower limits but is very important as you move up. You must attack them and play back at stealers to maintain a good profit at 3/6, 5/10 and higher. Deciding when to "push back" at blind stealers is a very difficult part of the game. Practice this even at micro limits. It will be time well spent when you move up. What is your blind steal %? It's important.

Guys get timid when they lose (often) to my big pair poket or top pair, great kicker showed down on the river. This night was a rare one for me. I made lots of flushes. For almost 2 months I couldn't convert a flush draw. Last nite my 36% to hit (2 cards left, 4 to a flush) was probably 55% and for the bad 2 months a good guess was 20%. It's fun when the % turns to your favor.

No big hands to report. I paid close attention realizing that I was rusty and even had a little trouble playing only 3 tables short. Total take for the night +410 on 3/6 6 max. 600 hands played. A great night and knocked off much rust. I should be dangerous tonight! Make $400 tonight (hopefully) add the $200 bonus and about $100 in rake back and thats a nice lil $1100, 2 day foray into donkland.

Eurobet is becoming part of the Pokeroom Network in a few days so we will see how that works out. It was strange not having all the hundreds of Party tables last night (They have broke off from Euro already). Big bonuses will probably be offered next week. I'll post if anything looks real sweet.

Hope to play more Poker this weekend (and next week) so more Poker stories soon.

Big Weekend of Tourneys:

Deposit now and play a small field low buyin or see you at BODOG Sunday!

Royal Vegas Poker 11.18 9PM EST, $100 added, $5+.50 buyin.

Poker Time 11.19 1PM EST, $200 added! $5+.50 buyin. REBUY! New Shark deposits and 300 raked hands earns a Shark tee or hat. Cool raked hands meter tracks your hands for you! Launch Shark for a fiddy. $50.

Titan Poker 11.19 6PM EST, $100 added, $5 buyin. $25 boner to punk Shark.

Newest Premier site for the Sharkees! BODOG 6:05 PM EST 11.20 Freeroll, $200 added plus TOP 3 score seats in the 100K guarantee! These are 109. seats each. Register at Bodog now. Enter your email on the Tour site. We may have to limit entries at this huge event, please register now. No emails to me if you don't get in!

Just Announced, $1000 added: We are now the TOP Affiliate in the World for Stacks Poker.

That means our members get HUGE Events there. Stacks management just kicked our 1st Freeroll (First Private Event at Stacks) up to $1000, (from $300) to honor our great membership. They also will have several Freerolls while in beta testing for our players. Register now, we will receive our downloads in December!

Play aggressive! Shark (12-16% pre raise, 25-35% blind steal)


At 10:21 AM, Blogger imjusthere4thebeer said...

Skark Teez and Shark Tourneyz... As usual, u da man! Thanx on behalf of everyone for all the work you do.



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